Civic Circle - Circle-01

Civic Circle Discussion Series


Thank you so much for registering to participate in the Civic Circle Discussion Series, a civic engagement program designed to help community members establish personal action plans, identify & address issues of public concern, and to continue positive work around equity and inclusion in our workplaces, homes, and communities.

UWECI is committed to driving conversation & collective action to meet the community’s greatest needs. We believe a person who leads a civic life understands their social responsibility, advocates for a just & fair society, and, ultimately, can be a spark for meaningful change. And that’s where you come in! Our goal is to provide participants of the Civic Circle with the tools to make an impact, no matter how big or small.

We are partnering with Points of Light, the world’s largest organization dedicated to volunteer service, to pilot the Civic Circle initiative in Eastern Iowa. As a participant in the first run, you will help us evaluate the program and make improvements for future cohorts in the community, on college campuses, and with business partners.

Program Outline

• Twelve week program (Feb. 22 – May 10) consisting of 10 virtual discussion & learning sessions.
• Tuesday each week with the exception of Spring Break and Holy Week.
• We ask that you attend a minimum of six sessions but please plan to participate in all sessions.
• Each session will focus on a different civic engagement activity or action (topic & dates listed below)

o February 22 – Listen & Learn
o March 1 – Voice
o March 8 – Vote
o March 22 – Work
o March 29 – Volunteer
o April 5 – Service
o April 19 – Social Entrepreneur
o April 26 – Purchase Power
o May 3 – Donate
o May 10 – Presentation of final action plans

• Each session will be 90 minutes which includes time to review your personal action plan

• One hour of pre-work before each session

    • UWECI will email pre-work assignments and magazine digests the week before each respective session.
    • Participant will read an issue of “Civic Life Today,” a magazine digest that includes case studies and examples, features on people taking action, and resources and tools for deeper engagement.
    • Participant will answer brief questions relative to that session’s civic act to develop their personal action plan.

Points of Light has developed a short video series which describes each component of civic engagement which can be viewed here.

What We Need From You

• Listen actively
• Engage fully and honestly
• Provide thoughtful feedback

We look forward to mobilizing a cohort of difference makers! Feel free to contact Angelica Vannatta by phone at 319.398.5372 ext. 822 or email if you have additional questions or need further clarifications.