Workplace Volunteer Council

What is Workplace Volunteer Council?

Workplace volunteering contributes to employees’ perception of a positive corporate culture. Companies leverage volunteer programs as an opportunity to speak to employees’ personal values and enable employees to promote those values at work. As a response, United Way of East Central Iowa and founding partners developed the Workplace Volunteer Council (WVC). Together, United Way and WVC members discuss how to increase and engage employees in volunteerism.

What does the Council Do?

WVC’s builds a stronger community, where companies collaborate to promote and foster a culture of employee volunteerism. By connecting social-minded companies, WVC helps establish, grow, and sustain successful workplace volunteer programs.

The council hosts quarterly meetings, as well as coordinates employee volunteer projects. Meetings include discussions on critical community needs, educational programming, and round table conversations focused on increasing employee engagement. Council members have the opportunity to network with peers, learn from other companies, share best practices, create corporate visibility, and forge relationships in the community.

What are the benefits of Workplace Volunteering?

Are your employees as engaged in their jobs as you would like them to be? One way to increase engagement is to introduce your employees to workplace volunteering. Volunteerism helps bring balance to employees’ lives, improves emotional well-being, and allows them to build skills that improve job performance in the areas of relationship building, planning, organizing, networking, leadership, and communication. Learn four reasons a Workplace Volunteer Program is a smart investment.

Interested in hearing more about the Workplace Volunteer Council? Take a couple minutes to hear how you can get involved.

Leah Rodenberg, Alliant Energy
Kathi Nelsen, Bankers Trust
Ellen Bardsley, Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance
Alishia Klocke, Diamond V
Jennifer Hildreth, ImOn Communications
Bruce Crowther, Ruffalo Noel Levitz
Quinn Pettifer, The Gazette
Charol Steinford, Van Meter
Dan Perez, Wells Fargo

How can I become a member? 

Annual membership is $100 per company. Up to five representatives can participate in quarterly meetings. WVC companies have access to tools and resources to enhance new and well-established employee volunteer programs. To join the Workplace Volunteer Council, email or call 319-398-5372 ext. 822.