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Welcome to the Outstanding Volunteer Awards voting page! Submit your votes in each category once per day from March 13-April 7.

Volunteers are recognized in five categories: Youth, Adult, Senior, Business, and Group. Read the descriptions of each volunteer and vote for the volunteer by clicking the button by their name at the bottom of the page. The voting will only be counted if you go through the full form and click “I’m not a robot” button and click submit. Winners are announced at United Way’s Volunteer Awards event on April 20.

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2017 Volunteer Awards Voting

Voting is open until April 1, 2016. Volunteers are recognized in five categories: Youth, Adult, Senior, Business, and Group. Winners will be announced at our Volunteer Awards Event on April 15th.

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  • Outstanding Volunteer: Youth Award

  • Laniece Dampier

    Since she began in January 2017 at the Jane Boyd Community House Achievement Academy, Laniece has taken the lead on multiple recreation groups as well as assisted with supervision of clients in fourth and fifth grade. Her consistency in volunteering allowed her to develop a strong bond with many kids who show her respect and listen to her. She is a huge help to staff with coaching the boys’ basketball team for Jane Boyd’s first season. Not only does she help our Achievement Academy staff, but she also provides an impactful service to children. Her volunteerism helps build positive adult relationships and mentoring capacity with kids. As a young adult giving back, she’s helping empower kids in her community to be better and do better each day.
  • Mary Claire Henricksen

    Mary Claire was instrumental in starting the Writers Club at Mercy Medical Center in 2016 alongside a fellow Linn-Mar student. Mary Claire interviews and writes stories about residents in Hallmar Care Facility. These biographies are then shared with the residents’ families and guests at Hallmar. This volunteer experience provides the resident with an opportunity to share the richness of their lives with staff, volunteers, families, and guests. Through Mary Claire’s gift of writing each resident’s story, she shares a wealth of treasured memories.
  • Matthew Trueblood

    Matt has spent his time volunteering for Willis Dady by improving images, logos, and designs that represent the nonprofit. He has changed and improved newsletters that they send to the community. The images and the information in the newsletter helps get the word out about the nonprofit’s mission and vision to overcome homelessness. He also serves as a receptionist at the front desk and learned quickly how to answer questions, greet visitors and clients with a smile, and to seek help if he doesn’t know the answer to something. His dedication to his time here is admirable and doesn’t go unnoticed. He has affected each client, staff member, and donor that interacts with Willis Dady.