Plan a Campaign


Through discussing campaign successes and opportunities with local companies, we gathered a list of campaign planning best practices for you below. Plus, we have a variety of marketing materials you can use in our Campaign Toolkit.


  • Have a campaign theme (e.g., football)
  • Shorten enrollment period to discourage procrastination on filling out a pledge form
  • Share United Way impact through email communication
  • Continue employee communication with United Way “fun facts”


  • Company leadership donates toward a company match program
  • Personal CEO visit to each worksite
  • Placing pledge form in new hire orientation packets
  • Award an extra day of vacation if an employee gives a minimum of 1% of their salary


  • Offer incentive prizes for completed pledge forms
  • Give out raffle tickets at pledge time (more tickets awarded the earlier the form is completed)


  • Have food at United Way awareness events
  • Hold events at various community buildings
  • Bring in a partner agency to speak at events
  • Tailgate party or employee golf outing for kickoff
  • Paintball or dunk tank for executives or company owners