Adverse Childhood Experiences

The majority of Iowans have experienced childhood adversity or Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). Specific family problems as well as child abuse and neglect increase risks for serious mental and physical health issues later in life.

However, having adverse childhood experiences is not a diagnosis and does not predict negative outcomes. Most people can deal with these complex traumatic experiences with resilience and move on to lead rich, fulfilling lives. There are effective ways we can work together to help build resiliency as individuals, families, systems, and as a community to help more people reach a higher level of resiliency and well-being.

United Way’s ACEs Report

Reducing ACEs or decreasing the impact of these adversities has the potential to significantly impact the well-being of thousands of people in eastern Iowa and positively impact the cost of healthcare and social services. Read our ACEs Report to learn more about ACEs, what they means for our community, and what we can do.

Read the ACEs Report

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