What is FamilyWize?

FamilyWize was established to help reduce the cost of prescription medication and partners with United Way Worldwide and more than 100,000 community organizations, government agencies, pharmacies, health systems and businesses. Through these partnerships, FamilyWize is helping to make prescription medication more affordable and more accessible for all. FamilyWize works with pharmacies to secure discounts similar to what they give large companies and employers. In 2019, the average savings with FamilyWize was 45%. Familywize offers a Prescription Savings Card, and a Drug Price Lookup tool.

FamilyWize Prescription Savings Card: 

  • Free for everyone – both insured and uninsured
  • Covers all FDA approved prescription medications
  • Does not require any personal information or eligibility criteria
  • Has unlimited use – show it everytime you fill a prescription

Drug Price Lookup tool: 

  • Online resource tool to compare prescription medication prices
  • Type in the drug and your zipcode to compare prices at local pharmacy with the lowest price.

How is United Way Involved?

FamilyWize works with nearly 1,000 United Ways to help make all FDA approved prescription medication more affordable for individuals with high prescription costs through the free FamilyWize Prescription Savings Card. Over the years, FamilyWize and United Way have partnered to help almost 10 million people save over $1 Billion on the prescription medications they need. In Iowa, 11% of Hispanics, 9% of African Americans, and 10% of young adults (ages 18-34) are uninsured and Linn County is the 2nd highest for uninsured population (6%) in Iowa after Polk County (12%).

The partnership between United Way and FamilyWize has been able to continue to reduce the burden of high prescription medication costs for those who are uninsured or underinsured and build a healthier community across since May 2008.