Our Partners

Community partners

The issues facing our community require collaboration-based solutions. United Way strives to strengthen our relationships across all types of sectors and networks to improve the well-being of our community. Our staff works with more than 300 community partners from business, government, neighborhoods, and nonprofits at the local, state, and national level.

We aspire to achieve our goals through collaboration that results in shared goals, leveraged resources, and higher impact results.


Funded partners

United Way’s funded partners are key in making an impact in our community. These partners are important to communities in East Central Iowa. They work to meet people’s needs on a day-to-day basis and make a difference in the quality of people’s lives.

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Collaborative Partners

United Way of East Central Iowa and collaborative community partners strive to understand root causes of the issues people in our community face. Through these partnerships, diverse voices enable us to create more innovative solutions and better use our resources to help meet more needs.

Partner Resources

United Way of East Central Iowa created the Partner Agency Guidelines to establish a clear understanding with funded partners regarding the review process, reporting requirements, and fundraising expectations.