Want to serve on a board but aren’t sure of the responsibilities or skills you need?

Board Orientation & Leadership Development (BOLD) is a training program designed for volunteers interested in board service, newly elected board members, and seasoned board members seeking to refamiliarize themselves with the fundamentals and core competencies of board service. Our mission is to prepare participants to meaningfully contribute to a nonprofit organization and advance the common good in Eastern Iowa.

We offer two pathways, tailored for either community members or college students. This cohort-based program includes six core skills classes, supplemental sessions, board meeting observation, and networking opportunities.

Participants of BOLD will:

  • Learn the basic responsibilities of board members through:
    • workshops led by nonprofit & community leaders and
    • observation of board meetings of various size & purpose
  • Understand what is expected of individual board members
  • Broaden their professional networks
  • Identify their purpose and uncover how their skills, experience, & perspective can have an impact in our community and influence decisions that make a difference

Community BOLD

This 6-month education series prepares leaders to serve on nonprofit boards and lead positive and strategic change in East Central Iowa and beyond.

Collegiate BOLD

This bi-semester program is designed for college students to equip you with skills to serve on junior boards and student organizations and understand the needs of your community.