Civic Circle - Circle-01

Civic Circle Discussion Series

Building Equity in Service Sponsors

The Civic Circle program is a framework developed by Points of Light to build an inclusive sense of belonging through responsible togetherness and civic engagement. It develops a greater sense of connections and purpose around issues that are important to equitable, thriving communities.

We are committed to driving conversation and collective action to meet the community’s greatest needs. Our goal is to provide participants of the Civic Circle with the tools to make an impact, no matter how big or small. Individuals and organizations can engage in the program one or more of the following ways:

  • Discussion Cohort – this cohort-based discussion series meets bi-weekly for reflective exploration and deeper learning of the nine civic actions outlined in the Civic Circle. The goal of the series is to cultivate a space for authentic conversation about civic engagement. Each participant will end the series with a completed personal action plan to take action on issues that are important to them.
  • Learning Hour – this one-hour power hour is a foundational education opportunity to give participants an understanding of giving back to their local community and how to lead a civic life with purpose and intention. This presentation can be used for new staff on-boarding, all-staff meetings, employee resource groups, professional development training, or service organization programs.
  • Self-Guided Toolkit – this educational tool introduces the basic concepts of the Civic Circle and the role that taking civic action has in supporting important issues in the community.

Points of Light has developed a short video series which describes each component of civic engagement which can be viewed here.

We look forward to mobilizing a cohort of difference makers! Feel free to contact Angelica Vannatta by phone at 319.398.5372 ext. 822 or email if you have additional questions or need further clarifications.