everyone should have a right to a healthy life

A person’s health is the result of several interrelated factors, including socioeconomic status, geography, and race and ethnicity.

Where a person lives, works, socializes, and ages has a profound impact on their health and quality of life.

The current barriers to access to health in Eastern Iowa include cost, transportation, language, awareness, and lack of providers. Public health insurance is not widely accepted by providers in the community, however 16.2% of individuals in our area access public health insurance. Even with insurance, prescriptions and co-pays are a concerning cost. These disparities impact the overall health of Eastern Iowa, which can cause a chain reaction of other challenges and needs.

A healthy Eastern Iowa is one where everyone has access to the healthcare they need. Here’s how you can support individuals who need healthcare services VIA United Way:


for opportunities that provide access to healthcare for different groups, such as senior transportation programs.


your dollars in UWECI’s community fund, or through designating a donation to our leadership society, Women United. Through donating, you help meet our communities’ goals around access to healthcare.


for equitable access to healthcare through avenues such as Women United. You can do this through informing yourself of different legislative bills and educating your family, friends, and coworkers.

United Way's Involvement

Supporting individuals with disparities in healthcare is a critical piece of a strong community. UWECI is involved and engaged with various programs that support access to healthcare, including:

  • 21-Day Equity Challenge (September 2021)
  • SingleCare
  • Women United