our children are our future

The early years of a child’s life set the tone for future success in education, well-being, and economic opportunity and stability.

With 17,000 children under the age of five in Linn County alone, setting them up for success is crucial for a thriving community.

If a family does not have the support they need to successfully raise a child, it causes a chain reaction of challenges. When parents are unable to find daycare for their children, they may be forced to leave their job. If they cannot work, they will struggle with paying for food, rent, and utilities. And we know if a child does not get enough to eat or have a safe place to sleep, it is harder to learn in school.

So, how can you help children succeed in Eastern Iowa? Here’s how you can get involved VIA United Way:


for child development opportunities around your community. Read books with children after school, or volunteer to mentor youth in our communities.


your dollars in UWECI’s community fund. When you donate, you help us meet our communities’ goals around childhood success.


for childcare and child development issues in the community. You can do this through informing yourself of different legislative bills and educating your family, friends, and coworkers.

United Way's Involvement

Focusing on early childhood success creates a pathway for children to be successful, encourages social connection, and creates economic stability. However, support and pathways need to continue for success beyond ages 0-5. UWECI is involved and engaged with various programs that support childhood success, including:

  • Linn County Childcare Solutions Teams
  • Engagement with local Early Childhood Iowa
  • Envision East Central Iowa