To "catch" individuals if they fall on hard times

Basic needs such as food, shelter, transportation, and crisis services are just a few of many critical needs that are part of safety net services.

These services are in place to “catch” individuals if they fall on hard times and help them bounce back.

After the height of the pandemic, the Linn County Continuum of Care reported the largest population of individuals experiencing homelessness. Our community has also seen an increase in short-term crises. Nearly 70,000 crisis line calls were received in 2021 alone. These burdens are heaviest on people of color, as well as families and individuals with very low incomes.

Each member of our community deserves a net that catches them. Here’s how you can ensure safety net services in Eastern Iowa VIA United Way:


in crucial opportunities that provide basic needs to individuals and families. Delivering meals to homebound seniors is just one of many ways to make an impact.


your dollars in UWECI’s community fund. When you donate, you help us meet our communities’ goals around safety net services.


for removing barriers to safety net services. You can do this through researching various topics and educating your family, friends, and coworkers.

United Way's Involvement

Safety net services are meant to stabilize short term crisis for individuals and families on their path to stability. UWECI is involved and engaged with various programs that support safety net services, including:

  • 2-1-1
  • Rent/Utility Assistance Collaboration
  • Continuum of Care
  • County Resource Groups