55+ Initiative

Make an impact

United Way’s 55+ Initiative connects volunteers, 55 and better, with meaningful and impactful volunteer opportunities in our community. Through the efforts of more than 450 volunteers, we are able to help make an impact on United Way’s community goals and beyond. 55+ Initiative works with nonprofits, regardless if they receive funding from United Way, to help better our community.

One-on-one placement

We offer one-on-one volunteer placement services to help find a good fit for an individual’s skill, talents, and interests that also matches a nonprofit’s needs. This provides a win-win relationship: nonprofits receive skilled volunteers they need and mature individuals who volunteer live happier, healthier lives.

The experience

Volunteers choose when and how often they volunteer, where they volunteer, and what they do. We encourage volunteers to interview an organization to ensure the volunteer opportunity will be a positive experience for both parties.

Active 55+ Initiative members are able to take advantage of the volunteer placement and referral services, attend educational and networking events, and receive coverage through a supplemental insurance policy while volunteering. Volunteers need to report a minimum of 12 volunteer hours in a one-year period.

The impact volunteers make

In 2014, 55+ Initiative members provided more than $1.2 million in community value (based on the Independent Sector Value of a Volunteer Hour). Volunteers served nearly 80 agencies in Linn and Jones counties. In total, they served hours equal to 25 full-time employees for local nonprofits.

United Way’s 55+ Initiative makes a difference. Last year:

  • Provided 39 kids ongoing tutoring
  • Improved food security for 1,164 families through food banks
  • Assisted 2,234 seniors navigate Medicare and choose drug plans
  • Drove 306 seniors to medical appointments
  • Helped 157 veterans connect with services such as shelter, housing, job search, mentorship, counseling, and food pantries

For volunteer opportunities in 55+ Initiative Members:

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Email: kayla.paulson@uweci.org
Phone: 319-398-5372, ext. 837

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