When you invest with us, you are giving us a seat at the table to create systematic change throughout our communities’. These are several community collaborations your investment has given us that seat at. Together with our community partners, we strive to understand root causes of issues people face in our community. These partnerships enable us to create more innovative solutions and better use our resources to help meet more needs.


LAP-AID (Linn Area Partners Active in Disaster) is a coalition of 40+ organizations seeking build a better-prepared and more resilient Linn County.

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Alliance for Equitable Housing

The Alliance is a multi-jurisdictional collaboration lead by Linn County put together to develop a comprehensive housing solution plan with tangible action steps to identify solutions for each of the housing issues identified by the community.

Opportunity Center

The Opportunity Center is a collaboration amongst several organizations in the Cedar Rapids area. It is designed as an entry point for anyone needing services around workforce development and employment.

Community Data

The Community Impact Assessment is data put together by us from census-level information, focus groups and a community-wide survey that told us the needs int the community should be focused around finding effective solutions for housing, childcare and safety net services.