What does WVC do?

UWECI’s Workplace Volunteer Council (WVC) is a coalition of socially minded corporate partners collaborating to address needs through purposeful and impactful volunteer activities. WVC’s mission is to build a stronger community where companies unite to cultivate a culture of employee volunteerism. This involves aiding in the establishment, growth, and sustainability of effective workplace volunteer programs while educating members about community and nonprofits needs.

What are the benefits?

Increase your business’s engagement by introducing employees to workplace volunteering! Volunteerism brings balance to employees’ lives, improves emotional well-being, and builds skills that improve job performance in relationship building, planning and organizing, networking, leadership, and communication.

How can I become a member? 

Annual membership is $100 per company. Up to five representatives can participate in quarterly meetings. WVC companies have access to tools and resources to enhance new and well-established employee volunteer programs.