Our Community

The community we serve

Community can be defined in a variety of ways—by counties, cities, neighborhoods, people. For United Way of East Central Iowa, our community consists of five counties in Eastern Iowa: Benton, Cedar, Iowa, Jones, and Linn.

Within these counties, we take a closer look at several cities and neighborhoods and ask, what does well-being look like? Who is the least likely to have it in our community?

We ask these questions because we know that our whole community benefits when everyone has the opportunity to have a successful life.

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Our Counties

There are more than 30 United Ways in the state of Iowa, and they serve almost half of Iowa’s 99 counties. United Way of East Central Iowa’s service area is five counties: Benton, Cedar, Iowa, Jones, and Linn counties. We work to understand people we serve at the county, city, and neighborhood level and improve well-being in each area.

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Our Reports

United Way commits significant time and resources to learning more about our region’s demographics, economic condition, and quality of life. We use the reports and studies we produce to help identify funding priorities, emerging needs, and growing trends in our communities.

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