Our Focus

Creating positive change

United Way focuses on education, financial stability, and health because they are the essential building blocks for a good quality of life. Our goal is to build solutions that create positive social change. We do this by raising awareness, bringing together the right partnerships, and investing in services to strengthen people and our communities.

By addressing the root cause of shared issues in these three focus areas, we can get real results and create lasting, positive solutions.




United Way invests in comprehensive strategies that help children and their families be successful from birth. We make sure children start on the right track by providing parents, childcare providers, and anyone who interacts with youth the supports they need to help children grow and learn. Once children enter kindergarten, we work with nonprofits, schools, and other entities to ensure that students have the assistance they need to succeed through high school.

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Financial Stability

For low-income families, meeting basic needs can be challenging. We want all families to live in safe and affordable housing, earn enough to pay the bills, and save for the future. United Way’s goal is to increase the number of financially stable households by 15% by 2020.

What We Do - Our Focus - Financial Stability

What We Do - Our Focus - Health


In general, the rates for disease, risk factors, and poor health outcomes are worse for low-income, low-educational attainment, and minority populations in Linn County and the surrounding areas. Increased smoking, obesity, poor mental health, less access to fresh food, and chronic diseases all impact these populations with greater frequency.