Our Health Goal

By 2020, improve social connectedness and mental health functioning of low-income adults by 10%.

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Physical & Mental Well-Being

The conditions in which we are born, grow, live, work, and age influence our lifelong health. Factors that influence our health include healthy vs. risky behaviors, clinical care, social and economic factors, and environmental factors. Socioeconomic factors and health behaviors account for 70% of health outcomes and determine length and quality of life.

It is important to focus on birth to end of life and both rural and urban communities in our service area. Needed services range from prevention and treatment all the way to stabilization. With the proper coordination and health services across systems, we can begin to reduce health barriers and promote well-being, healthy behaviors, and healthy aging across all life stages, especially for those who are at greater risk of health disparities.

Addressing the Issues

United Way works to improve physical and mental health in our community through the following strategies:

Preventative Health

Grow access to preventative screenings and reduce healthcare barriers.

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

Build resilient children and families by preventing and treating ACEs.

Community Living

Improve conditions that increase well-being and independence for older adults and persons living with a disability.

Women’s Health

Address women’s unmet needs that helps women use complex and changing systems of care.

Read more about issues facing our community in our health reports:

2017 ACEs Report     2017 Condition of Women Report      2016 Equity & Well-Being Report

Partner Programs

We collaborate with our health partners on the following programs and initiatives:

Women’s Leadership Initiative

Unites funds and resources to ensure the well-being of women in need.

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