Volunteers In Proficiency (VIP)

What is VIP?

Volunteers in Proficiency (VIP) is a literacy program that pairs volunteers and elementary school students to read together for 40 minutes once a week during the school day. School-based reading experts provide volunteer training and appropriate books for students. VIP’s goal is to increase children’s success in school and foster a love of reading.

VIP Schools

With Cedar Rapids School District, College Community School District, and Reading into Success, UWECI launched VIP to help students at the following schools achieve reading proficiency:

Why is VIP important?

Reading proficiently by the end of third grade is a predictor of high school graduation and life success. In the Cedar Rapids/Marion Metro area, more than one in four students do not read proficiently at the end of third grade—and more than one in three for low-income students.

VIP students are struggling readers who benefit greatly when they practice reading and literacy skills one on one with a caring adult. And volunteers benefit from knowing they are a positive impact in a child’s life and make meaningful connections in the community.

FY18 VIP Results

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