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Yearly, UWECI organizes VITA with community partners to improve services & returns to local families and individuals. United Way also recruits & trains volunteers for VITA locations in Benton, Cedar, Jones and Linn Counties.

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) is a national IRS sponsored program that helps you receive your maximum federal and state tax refunds. If your household income is less than $60,000, you may qualify for VITA’s services.

The average tax preparation fee is $176. Those who can’t afford this fee either do their own taxes (often missing important tax credits) or do not file their taxes at all. Through VITA, IRS-certified volunteers complete and file your tax return for free!

VITA Results: Tax Year 2021

Tax Returns Prepared:
United Way:
Jones County:
Total Federal Tax Refunds: $2,483,178
Total State Tax Refunds: $422,953
Overall Total Tax Refunds: $2,906,131
Total volunteer hours


VITA Success Stories

An elderly woman heard about VITA and was able to make an appointment to get her taxes done.

During her appointment, the woman explained she did not have great experiences with tax preparation after her husband passed away a few years ago, and was thankful for a tax preparation option with no fee.

The woman received a clear explanation of what her refund would be, and was excited to have that money for daily expenses and peace of mind.

A divorced couple, who is committed to co-parenting, scheduled their VITA appointments at the same time to see which parent would most benefit in claiming their dependents.

When the father realized his children’s mother would owe money, he asked the preparers to put the children on her return because he knew the money would be spent on his children.

The couple explained that VITA helps them get the most beneficial return possible, thus helping them provide more for their children.