Campaign Toolkit

Share the work we do and inspire individuals
to invest in our community

The marketing materials below will help you plan and execute a successful workplace campaign. If you need additional information or resources, please contact our Resource Development team.

Engaging employees through your campaign

Through discussing campaign successes and opportunities with local companies, we gathered a list of campaign planning best practices for you below.

View Campaign Planning Best Practices

Manage Your Company Campaign

This section includes resources to get your workplace campaign up and running!

The Company Coordinator Guide is your resource guide for all things United Way to get your campaign up and running!

Interested in upcoming UWECI events? Download our Timeline of UWECI Events Sheet

The kickoff script & PPT give you information on the strategic vision of United Way to use during your company kickoff.

Are you on the UWECI 2023 – 2024 campaign cabinet?  Login here for additional resources.

Promotional Tools

This includes a variety of materials you can use to promote your United Way Workplace Campaign throughout your organization. It includes a brochure, information sheets, posters and more promotion materials.

Communication Tools

If you had 60 seconds in an elevator with someone to tell them the best parts of your organization, would you be able to? The United Way Elevator Speech gives notes on what to say about the work UWECI is doing in the community.

This Social Media Toolkit gives you a content for social media posts as well as photos to use when posting about UWECI.

This toolkit gives you content on UWECI when sending out communication to your organization.

Campaign Email Toolkit

Engaging Your Employees in Campaign

This section gives you the tools to take back to your workplaces to engage your peers and get them excited about your UWECI campaign.

Need some ideas on how to engage your employees. Our Campaign Ideas Sheet gives you some suggestions on how to get your peers involved.

Corporate Volunteer Experiences

UWECI Corporate Volunteer experiences address critical resource needs in our community by inviting corporate groups to volunteer with a community non-profit or to participate in a large group volunteer kit build.  We provide levels of support depending on the needs of your company.

 Connection Service

For companies who are looking for a group or an individual volunteer experience with our nonprofit partners, without a formal budget and are comfortable coordinating a project or activity on their own.

  • Connection to Individual Donor Opportunities through our Volunteer Now platform.
  • Connection to Group Volunteer Projects cultivated with UWECI partners, with a light hand off to partner agencies to coordinate project.

Visit Volunteer Now

Limited Service

For companies who are looking for a one-time large group volunteer kit build. Budget required. Minimum 6 weeks planning time.

Large Group Volunteer Opportunties

  • We source project
  • Shopping list/drive and planning tool kit
  • General presentation for your group
  • Identification of recipient(s) for your completed kits
  • Share your impact on your customized social media post as well as UWECI social media

Visit our project request page

Full Service

For companies with special or large scall workplace events to complete a custom kit build.  Budget required.  Minimum 8 weeks planning time.

  • Supplies ordered and delivered
  • Tailored presentation for your group
  • Identification of recipient(s) for your completed kits
  • Transportation and delivery of completed kits
  • Project planning support and on-site management
  • Branding opportunities (if available)
  • Strategic alignment with your corporate social responsibility goals and community needs.

Visit our project request page

Examples of kit building opportunities for corporate volunteering:

  • Personal care
  • Snack pack
  • Winter care
  • House and home kit
  • Diaper drive

We would love to hear from you. What inspires you to give back to the community VIA UWECI. Provide us to your testimonial to inspire others in the community to get involved.

Instructions on signing up for volunteer now.

Download the Workplace Volunteer Council Brochure.


Joe Peterson

Vice President of Donor Engagement and Development
Phone: 319-398-5372 ext. 818
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Jacki Pranger

Corporate Engagement Manager
Phone: 319-398-5372 ext. 816
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