Youth Achievement AmeriCorps
AmeriCorps Week: What YAA Means to Me
Youth Achievement AmeriCorps members provide support to low-income children and families. Celebrate National AmeriCorps Week by thanking those who #getthingsdone.
AmeriCorps Spotlight: Letravious Holley
Letravious Holley is on his third term with YAA. Read more about his experience with AmeriCorps and why he chose to do a third term.
International Literacy Day 2017
It's the 51st International Literacy Day! Read more about how we support literacy in our community.
AmeriCorps Spotlight: Mel Doyle
Mel Doyle supports our Youth Achievement AmeriCorps program. Learn more about YAA and her role in the program.
Why I Joined Youth Achievement AmeriCorps, Pt. 2
This spring, we asked Youth Achievement AmeriCorps members why they joined. Hear from the rest of our members and how they help local students.
YAA Alum Spotlight: Katelyn Schany
Katelyn Schany served as UWECI's first Youth Achievement AmeriCorps member in 2012. Read more about her experience.
AmeriCorps Spotlight: Tommy Govert
Tommy Govert is a second year Youth Achievement AmeriCorps member. Read about his experiences with the program and how it helps our community.
Why I Joined Youth Achievement AmeriCorps
We asked our current AmeriCorps members, "Why did you join Youth Achievement AmeriCorps?" Read their responses and learn more about the program.