Staff Spotlight: Brenda Mohr
September 6, 2017 | United Way Team

Welcome to UWECI, Brenda! Brenda Mohr is our new Training and Organizational Development Coordinator and comes to us from United Way of Central Iowa in Des Moines. Get to know a little about her by reading her responses below.

Tell us about where you’re from, where you grew up, etc.
I spent most of my childhood growing up on a farm near Wilton, Iowa; my family moved into Wilton when I was in eighth grade. After graduating from Northwestern College in St. Paul, Minnesota, I returned to Iowa and spent six years in Muscatine before moving to West Des Moines for close to six years. Cedar Rapids has been home for close to three weeks!

What are your hobbies? What do you do for fun?
I love cheering for and following my favorite teams—the Iowa State Cyclones, Drake Bulldogs, Chicago Cubs, and New York Giants. I like watching sports in general and still dabble in playing volleyball. I also enjoy playing cards and board games with family and friends.

Brenda helped make hygiene kits at her first UWECI event!

Why did you want to work for United Way?
I worked with another United Way in Iowa for three years before joining United Way of East Central Iowa, so I had the privilege to learn about the work with which United Way is involved and the impact made through strategies, partnerships, and collaborations. Therefore, I knew accepting a position at UWECI would be a great decision for me, and my role here aligns with my strengths and passions.

If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
Blue. It is by far my favorite color, has been the color of most of the teams for which I have played and supported, and it has been the dominant color in my closet for most of my career. Plus, it is a United Way color!

What are you currently watching on Netflix?
Hawaii Five-0. I started at the beginning of the series and am working my way through the seasons. I like the banter and, “Book him, Danno.”

Do you have any pets? Tell us about them.
I have one cat named Charlie. I adopted him a couple of years ago, and giving him a forever home has been great for me, too. He often seeks as much attention as a dog, but I haven’t figured out how to train him like one.

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